Digital Marketing & Advertising Management
Digital advertising management, which has recently become popular in the field of advertising and marketing, means the effort to reach the target audience by using online media tools. With digital advertisements, higher quality, different and faster service options are offered to institutions or individuals.
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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a strategy that aims to reach customers by publishing and advertising products and services, carried out in online and social media. Today, digital marketing is one of the most effective and efficient marketing strategies. Google Ads is a simple but effective marketing tool used in areas such as Google Search Engine and YouTube. Digital Marketing Agencies are agencies specifically established to create and implement digital marketing strategies. Social media ads are specially designed and targeted ads posted on social media platforms. These are used to attract customers and increase brand awareness of products and services. In order to produce SEO-compatible content, it is recommended to use these words in combination with keywords. For example, “Social Media Ads of Digital Marketing Agencies with Google Ads” or “Seo Compatible Content Production with Social Media Ads of Digital Marketing Agencies”.

Search Engine Advertising ( Google Ads )

Google Ads, also known as search engine advertising; It is a digital marketing method in which businesses that want to increase brand awareness, attract visitors and make more sales increase their website visibility in search engines thanks to paid advertisements.

With the increasing technology and internet access around the world, digital marketing has come to the fore more effectively. In our age, most of the ads take place in digital media and the use of Google ads is also very common. Digital marketing agencies play an important role in this field. Because a unique and effective strategy is needed to reach the desired target audience. Social media ads are also very effective when used correctly in accordance with this goal. By making use of social media platforms, it becomes possible to reach more people, promote brands and products, appeal to the target audience and ensure customer loyalty. It should not be forgotten that the production of SEO-compatible content also has an important place among digital marketing strategies. Producing SEO-compatible content means reaching higher rankings in search engines and enabling brands and products to reach much more people.

Search Engine Advertising is an effective technique used to rank websites higher in search engine results. Search engine advertising includes the use of specially designed keywords and search engine optimization to get your website to rank high in search engine results. Advanced search engine advertising includes, besides search engine optimization, advertising investments and various digital marketing strategies. Many studies have been done to show that Search Engine Advertising will help increase site traffic and product sales. In addition, through search engine advertising, you can increase your website’s search engine ranking by making effective keyword choices.

  • Search ads
  • Remarketing ads
  • Display ads
  • App ads
  • Shopping ads

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, or SEO, as it is known, is the name given to businesses to make optimization studies by helping search engines scan and index their websites more easily.

  • Keyword Selection
  • Content Planning
  • Visual Usage
  • Link Management
  • On-Site SEO Studies (Title, meta tag, meta Description etc.)
  • Off-site SEO studies (backlink etc.)

These are the elements that businesses that want to organically feature their sites on Google should pay attention to. Today, many brands attach importance to SEO Studies, which are among the digital marketing methods, as they both create lasting value and reduce costs.

Arama Motoru Optimizasyonu ( SEO

Social Media Marketing

Another digital marketing method that businesses that want to do Digital Marketing studies attach importance to is social media marketing.

Social media marketing allows businesses to attract visitors, increase brand awareness, promote campaigns, reach their target audience, etc. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok etc. It is the name given to communication and advertising activities on social media platforms.

  • Audience Selection
  • Competitor analysis
  • Sharing days and times
  • Post images
  • Post texts
  • Hashtags
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E-Mail Marketing

Another marketing method among digital marketing methods is e-mail marketing. Email marketing; It is the name given to e-commerce brands that want to promote products, services and campaigns, while making relevant promotions, to carry out e-mail marketing activities.

Generally, businesses that will do e-mail marketing activities act by using the customer data in their hands. Before marketing, brands use professional e-mail templates and create interesting e-mail content. The created e-mail contents are usually sent to consumers through e-mail marketing tools.

E-mail marketing is a marketing method that is often preferred by businesses operating commercially. Conversion rates are very high in email marketing.

Today, businesses that will do e-mail marketing, in addition to promoting products, services and campaigns, with personalized marketing activities to attract the attention of their customers;

  • Birthday Celebration
  • Special Day Celebrations
  • Congratulatory Mails

It also conducts marketing studies with mail types such as Thus, brands increase the brand loyalty of their customers. If you want to do digital marketing studies, you should give importance to e-mail marketing.

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is the work in which brands collaborate with accounts with high followers on social media platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok in order to reach people in their target audiences more easily.

Generally, businesses with influencer marketing activities;

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Gaining followers
  • Attracting visitors
  • Increasing Conversion Rates
  • Make a sale

It achieves its goals more easily. If you want to do digital marketing activities for your brand, you can do Influencer Marketing studies on social media platforms where your target audience is located and thus ensure the growth of your business.

Influencer Marketing
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// Social media management

With Social Media Management, we determine the social media channels suitable for your brand and company; We share social media about your brand and products. In line with the strategies we have created for your company, we make your brand visible to your customers with Social Media Advertisements.


// Article Writing – Content Agency

We are a huge family that strengthens your brand with the content and articles we produce with Article Authoring. We know the power of quality content and for this, we produce content with a strong and effective language and ensure that you come up with the right content in front of our target audience. With our Content Agency Service, we enable your potential customers to take action with content unique to your brand.


// SEO Service – Search Engine Optimization

Get Your Website Higher in Search Results with Professional SEO Service! We produce quality content with our expert team; We make your website appear in a better position in search engines with the powerful and effective content we produce. SEO Consulting, Contact For Information About SEO Prices.


// Google Ads & Social Media Ads

With Google Ads, we show your brand and products to the right audience in the right place. We help you get ahead of your competitors with the right and appropriate strategies for your industry and increase your brand awareness and sales with Social Media Advertisements.

Google Reklamlarında üstün optimizasyon ödüllü ajans! Google’da işletmenizin sunduğu ürün veya hizmetleri arayan potansiyel müşterilerinizin karşısına tamda sizi aradıkları anda çıkartalım!

Take your place in the first place when they search for the products or services offered by your business and pay only for the users special to you!


65% of consumers in Turkey start their shopping by searching on search engines. This is an important statistic that shows the importance of advertising activities in search engines. UP Software Agency also provides services on Google ads as Google Partner and Yandex ads as Yandex Partner.

Before the search engine ads account setup, the customer’s sector needs are determined by our business development officers, the appropriate keyword volumes and options are revealed, and a performance-oriented advertising strategy is presented. Following the customer’s approval, the ads are followed by the Google Partner system and the necessary optimization is started by UP Software.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing

    Pazarlama ölçütlerine yönelik pratik bir yaklaşım, markanızın büyümesi için hangi temel performans göstergelerinin (KPI’ler) en önemli olduğunu belirlemeyi içermelidir. Başlangıç noktası olarak, trafik oluşturma, dönüştürme ve pazarlama maliyetleriyle ilgili ilerlemenizi yansıtan metrikleri göz önünde bulundurun ve bunları aylık olarak izlemek için bir gösterge tablosu oluşturun.

    Google Analytics, kullanıcıların web sitenizi nasıl bulup kullandıkları hakkında size bilgi veren ücretsiz bir web sitesi analiz platformudur. Google Analytics ile, çevrimiçi pazarlamanızın yatırım getirisini izleyebilir ve bilinçli kararlar vermek için önemli ölçümleri inceleyebilirsiniz. Google Analytics’in çoğu, verileri edinme, davranış ve dönüşümler olarak sınıflandırır.

    Profesyonel pazarlama yapmak istiyorsanız profesyonel bir metin yazarına ihtiyacınız var. Bir metin yazarının rolü, içerik odaklı dijital medya dünyasında her zamankinden daha önemlidir. İyi yazılmış metin markaları oluşturur, okuyucuyla bağlantı kurar ve eyleme geçmeleri için ilham verir.

    Bu karmaşık sorunun basit cevabı değer yaratmaktır. Müşterilerinize duygusal düzeyde yankı uyandıran bir söz belirlemeli ve iletmelisiniz. Şu soruyla başlayın: Hizmet ettiğimiz kişilerin yaşamlarını nasıl iyileştirebiliriz?

    Pazarlamacıların videoyu bu kadar sevmesinin nedeni, çevrimiçi tüketicilerin onu sevmesidir. YouTube’da her gün bir milyar saatten fazla video tüketiliyor. Video, esnek ve ilgi çekici bir içerik formatıdır. Birden çok platformda paylaşmak kolaydır. Akıllı telefonlar ve dijital düzenleme, video oluşturmayı çok daha kolay hale getirdi, bu nedenle yüksek yatırım getirisi potansiyeli harika.

    CTA(Call to Action) izleyiciye belirli bir eylemi gerçekleştirmesi talimatını veren bir istemdir. “Şimdi Satın Alın” gibi bir harekete geçirici mesaj genellikle bir komut olarak yazılır. Dijital pazarlamada bir CTA genellikle bir düğme veya bağlantı şeklini alır.

    Abonelerinize yeni içerik haberleri, yeni ürünler (veya iyileştirmeler), etkinlikler vb. ile düzenli güncellemeler göndermek akıllıca olacaktır. Sadece bir haber bülteni sunarak e-posta listenizin hızlı bir şekilde genişlemesini beklemek akıllıca değildir.

    E-posta her zamankinden daha güçlü. Herhangi bir sosyal medyadan daha popüler. Daha özeldir. Daha kişisel. Daha güvenilir. Çoğu kişi e-postaya güvenir ve gelen kutularını her gün birkaç kez kontrol eder. Size gerçekten pazarlama izni veren kişilerle doğrudan iletişim kurmak istiyorsanız, e-posta pazarlama çok önemlidir.

    Markanız artık hedef kitlenizin elinde. Onun hakkında söylenenleri “kontrol edemezsiniz”. Ancak sohbetlere katılabilir, müşterilerinize değer verdiğinizi gösterebilir ve değer katabilirsiniz.



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